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Redbreast Single Pot Still 21 Year

Redbreast 21yr is a single pot still Irish Whiskey that is a blend of malted and unmalted barley.  The barley is milled and mashed before being triple-distilled through traditional copper-pot stills.  

Tasting Notes: The nose has tropical fruits, crushed peanuts, berries and crushed mint.  Palate is oily, rich and mouth-filling. Vibrant, bold, spicy with hints of oak, spice, leather, caramelized apples and raisins. Finish is little tangy fruit, savoury barley notes, with a touch of sherry.

2014- Gold Outstanding Irish Whiskey Single Pot Still at International Wine and Spirits Competition

2014- Gold Irish Pot Still Whiskey 21 year and over at World Whiskies Awards

2014- Whisky Advocate Irish Whiskey of the Year


Product Details:  (sku:080432108321)
750ml Bottle

750ml Bottle

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