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Angels Envy Bourbon Whiskey

Never satisfied with "good enough" the "malcontents" that produce this line are so intent on caretaking every step of production, one might say this bourbon is the result of an obsession.

Every single barrel is hand selected, 8-10 barrels at a time are aged for at least 6 years in oak.  The bourbon is then blended and finished in ruby port wine barrels from Portugal for 3-6 months. The resulting bourbon has been called "Dangerously drinkable".

5% of the bourbon is lost per year during the aging process, what is known in the business as the Angel's Share. The creator, Lincoln Henderson, one of the masters behind Woodford Reserve, believed that we might be getting the better part of the deal on this one, hence the name Angel's Envy.

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750ml Bottle

750ml Bottle

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