Road Trip Service

Hello and welcome to our all-new and revolutionary Road Trip Service!

  • Short on Time?
  • Don’t Want to Bother with Lines at Check-Out?
  • Need a Friend or Family Member to Pick up Your Order?

Then our Road Trip Service is exactly what you’ve been looking for!

Hey we get it. With everything we have to get done each day, there just isn’t enough time for a “conventional” shopping trip. So rather than having time-strapped customers hurrying through the store and getting stressed, we thought:

Why not create an online store where customers can do their shopping in advance and then just come and pick the order up when they get here?

That’s exactly what we did by creating our industry-shattering Road Trip Service!

Here’s How It Works:

  1. Click on the Get Started button below: This will redirect you to our online store where you can browse our extensive selection of spirits and alcohol products.
  2. You Are Assigned a Road Trip “ID”: This ID will be assigned to your order and it can be quickly sent to your friends via text, Facebook or Twitter in case you are having someone else pick the order up.
  3. Select your items: Our advanced online store helps you quickly find what you want and then, where appropriate, choose the size and quantity before adding to your shopping cart.
  4. Complete Purchase: That’s right, you can skip all the lines and just pay for your purchase online before ever leaving your home. Once confirmed, our staff will pick your order, label everything, and package it all up for you.
  5. Pick Up Your Order: Once your transaction is complete, all you need to do is drive down to the location you selected and tell us your name or Trip ID number and your order will be there waiting for you!

You talked and we listened! Our customers told us we were a bit behind the times on our online technology and wanted an online option that could help streamline their shopping experience and make it more convenient than ever to get the party started at All-Star Liquors -- so we created the revolutionary Road Trip Service!

The great part about this service is how fast and convenient it makes it for you and your friends to coordinate shopping for big events and gatherings! Once you start your road trip and have your Trip ID, you can quickly send it to your friends via email, text, Facebook, and Twitter. All they have to do is click on the attached link and then all of their shopping is tied to your order. They can then add to the order, pay for it, and then someone just needs to come down with a Trip ID and pick it all up! When someone adds to the Road Trip, you’ll receive updates so there are never any surprises and everything is all packed up and waiting for whoever comes down to pick up the order!

So browse our online store now and start your Road Trip today and we’ll be happy to have it waiting for you when you get here!

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