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Harvest Time Sparklers

The end of August signifies the harvest time for Blackberries and Strawberries here in California.  As such we thought a great way to celebrate this would be to combine them with another favorite... RUM!

You will need at least 4 pints of blackberries or strawberries cleaned... or 2 pints of each.  Set a few aside for garnish.

1 64oz Pitcher and a Blender

1 750ml of your favorite rum (We recommend the Plantation 5yr)

1/2 Lime

Lemon-Lime soda, optional, if you would like a lighter more refreshing cocktail on a hot August night

Blend fruit (except for lime) until smooth and then add a squeeze of lime to taste.  Pour mixture in to pitcher along with rum.  Place in fridge for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Place several ice cubes in a tall glass, fill halfway with lemon-lime soda and the rest of the way with fruit/rum mixture.  Garnish with fruit, straw and maybe even a little paper umbrella.

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