All-Star Liquor’s Drink Recipes

From the perfect Mojito to a smooth Alabama Slammer, the All-Star Liquor’s Drink Recipes are guaranteed to ensure you are serving up everyone’s favorites plus a few that will keep them guessing and begging for more!  Just click on any category below for a full listing of recipes to surprise and dazzle guests with at your next party or gathering!


Bourbon/Whiskey  (10 recipes)
Silencio Mule
All Star Ginger Hot Toddy
The Clint Eastwood
Sweet Affair
Honey Bourbon Toddy
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Rum  (7 recipes)
Don Q Egg Nog
Crannon Blast
My My My Key Lime Pie
Jamaican Sunset
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Gin  (6 recipes)
Gin & Tonic
Tom Fords Collins
The Pennant
A Currant Affair
Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster

Brandy/Cognac  (5 recipes)
Cassis Royal
Cassis Royal
Flaming Brandy Punch
Ferrand Julep
Brandy Alexander

Scotch  (1 recipe)
Rob Roy

Tequila  (5 recipes)
The Lucky Shamrock
Winter in Russia
Fireside Delight
All Star Margarita
Tequila Sunrise

Vodka  (10 recipes)
The All Star Bloody Mary!
High Thyme
The Moscow Mule
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Whiskey/Whisky  (4 recipes)
Sweet Revenge Mimosa
Alabama Slammer
The Honey Badger

Liqueur  (4 recipes)
Mexican Mind Eraser
Kerrygold Martini
Peppermint White Russian
Blushing Lady

Irish Cream  (2 recipes)
Butter Me Up!
Irish Hammer Shot

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