All-Star Liquor’s Drink Recipes

From the perfect Mojito to a smooth Alabama Slammer, the All-Star Liquor’s Drink Recipes are guaranteed to ensure you are serving up everyone’s favorites plus a few that will keep them guessing and begging for more!  Just click on any category below for a full listing of recipes to surprise and dazzle guests with at your next party or gathering!

Bourbon  (3 recipes)
The Old French Fashion
Bourbon Delight
Bourbon Sidecar

Rum  (5 recipes)
My My My Key Lime Pie
Jamaican Sunset
Harvest Time Sparklers
Mai Tai

Gin  (3 recipes)
A Currant Affair
Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster
Rolls Royce

Brandy  (1 recipe)
Brandy Alexander

Scotch  (1 recipe)
Rob Roy

Tequila  (1 recipe)
Tequila Sunrise

Vodka  (6 recipes)

Whiskey/Whisky  (3 recipes)
Alabama Slammer
The Honey Badger

Irish Cream  (2 recipes)
Butter Me Up!
Irish Hammer Shot

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